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international health insurance 

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Living outside of your home country has many amazing experiences to offer, but being caught out in the world without a healthcare plan isn’t one of them. If you are an expatriate, missionary, or student living and traveling abroad, you need options that make sense for your global lifestyle. Plus, many countries require you to have an international health plan, and to show proof of adequate coverage in order to obtain your long-term visa. 

Compare Medical Insurance Plans 

GeoBlue and Cigna Global

Choosing the right travel medical plan is important. Take your global citizenship to the next level and make sure that you are covered by an international healthcare plan that meets all of your needs. 


Wanderwell represents the most reputable expat international health insurance plans available, with worldwide coverage designed to cover international individuals and families when living abroad for 6 months or longer. These are primary health insurance plans highly rated insurance carriers with:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance

  • Broad global provider networks of doctors and healthcare facilities

  • Worldwide coverage options

  • Emergency medical evacuation as either a standard benefit or upgrade

Click here to get a basic comparison of the carriers and plans. You can opt to build a quote and apply through our agency links with GeoBlue and Cigna Global or you can request a quote and one of our licensed, experienced insurance team members will begin working with you to answer your questions and guide you through the process of applying. 

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Social & environmental responsibility

Wanderwell is a social enterprise committed to environmental conservation and sustainable business practices. These values are highlighted in our commitments as a Certified B Corp and a devoted business member of 1% for the Planet. We encourage our customers, as well as our business and travel networks to focusing on social impact, environmental stewardship, and sustainable travel.

The more we travel the clearer our lenses become to view how interconnected the beings and elements of our planet are to each other. We discover the need to conserve, contribute, and sustain, and our responsibility to act in such a way expands. Traveling breeds environmental consciousness.

As a business that services global travelers, we believe we have the obligation to effect positive global environmental change.

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