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single-trip and multi-trip travel protection and travel medical plans, including emergency medical evacuation

major medical plans for expats, missionaries, students, and internationally assigned employees

group medical, dental, vision, life, and disability for employers based in California, Oregon, and Washington

affiliate networks and experiences to foster and promote sustainable, regenerative travel 


What We're About

Social & environmental responsibility

Wanderwell is a social enterprise committed to environmental conservation and sustainable business practices. These values are highlighted in our commitments as a Certified B Corp and a devoted business member of 1% for the Planet. We encourage our customers, as well as our business and travel networks to focusing on social impact, environmental stewardship, and sustainable travel.

The more we travel the clearer our lenses become to view how interconnected the beings and elements of our planet are to each other. We discover the need to conserve, contribute, and sustain, and our responsibility to act in such a way expands. Traveling breeds environmental consciousness.

We thrive on working with values-aligned customers and companies, including fellow business members and supporters of B Corporations, 1% for the Planet members, and Transformational Travel Council ALLY members.

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