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simplified travel insurance sales
  • Sell travel insurance
  • Earn commissions/referral fees
  • Track enrollments
  • Make a positive environmental impact

General Agency

For Agents, Influencers, and Travel Retailers (tour operators and travel planners): tools, resources, and support to help foster business growth and success.  

Wanderwell offers an evolving portfolio of travel insurance and international health insurance products through A-rated, reliable carrier partners and underwriters, with whom we have lasting, trusting relationships. Our support includes:

  • Intuitive, simple online purchasing pathway can be co-branded with your company logo

  • Trusted products and services to offer to your clients

  • Detailed customer enrollment tracking

  • Commissions reports which can be exported for accounting needs

  • Access to product webinars

Social & Environmental Responsibility
Wanderwell is a social enterprise committed to environmental conservation and sustainable business practices. These values are highlighted in our commitments as a Certified B Corp and a devoted business member of 1% for the Planet. We encourage our customers, as well as our business and travel networks to focusing on social impact, environmental stewardship, and sustainable travel.

The more we travel the clearer our lenses become to view how interconnected the beings and elements of our planet are to each other. We discover the need to conserve, contribute, and sustain, and our responsibility to act in such a way expands. Traveling breeds environmental consciousness.

As a business that services global travelers, we believe we have the obligation to effect positive global environmental change.


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