frequently asked questions for Wanderwell Ambassadors

What is a Wanderwell Affiliate?

A Wanderwell Affiliate is a licensed insurance producer or a “travel retailer”, whether an individual or entity, that is compensated for, and directed by a licensed general agency (Wanderwell), to disseminate travel insurance on behalf of Wanderwell.

What is the difference between a licensed Insurance Producer and a Travel Retailer?

Per the Travel Insurance Model Act, administered by the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), “Travel Retailer” means a business entity* that makes, arranges or offers travel services and may offer and disseminate travel insurance as a service to its customers on behalf of and under the direction of a Limited Lines Travel Insurance Producer. Insurance Producer” refers to a limited travel insurance producer licensed under applicable state insurance laws to negotiate, sell, or solicit travel insurance and/or travel medical insurance.

Which insurance carriers does Wanderwell represent within the website?

Wanderwell has worked hard to simplify the process of purchasing travel insurance. Two carriers have risen to the top with respect to reliability, accountability, transparency, service, comprehensive plans, and claims assistance. These carriers are GeoBlue and HTH Worldwide.

  • GeoBlue offers:
    • single-trip travel medical insurance plans for short-term travelers outbound from the USA in all states other than NY, MD, & WA
    • multi-trip annual travel medical insurance plans for short-term travelers outbound from the USA
    • long-term international medical plans for Ex-pats and other global citizens
  • HTH Worldwide offers:
    • single-trip "trip protection" style plans which include benefits for trip cancellation, interruption, delays, baggage, travel medical, and more
    • single-trip and multi-trip travel medical insurance plans for short-term travelers outbound from the USA in NY, MD, & WA

What is a Travel Medical style plan?

"Travel medical" style plans work like Global PPO plans - using a network of doctors around the world. It also includes Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage.

What is a Trip Protection style plan?

"Trip Protection" style plans are what many people refer to as "trip cancellation" plans. Such plans generally insure the traveler in the case of trip cancellation, delay, or interruption due to illness, injury, or death to the traveler, a traveling companion, &/or an immediate family member not traveling. Also generally included: Loss, theft, or damage to baggage & personal effects, Accident & Sickness coverage (as a secondary form of coverage), Emergency Medical Evacuation, & coverage in the event of financial default of a tour operator or airline or a labor strike. *The medical parts of the plans are insured based on reimbursement upon return to the USA.

Who pays me/my company commissions or referral fees?

The commissions or referral fees will be paid by GeoBlue/HTH Worldwide per the carrier agreements you sign as either a...

  • Licensed Insurance Producer [Compensation Schedule(A) - Agent, Producer, Individual Insurance Products], or
  • Travel Retailer [Compensation Schedule A of the Travel Retailer Agreement]

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